The Evolved Network's Summer of Support
Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits
June 1, 2024
5:00-8:00pm CST
Join us for an unforgettable evening of elevated BBQ fare and live music, all in support of The Evolved Network nonprofit! Hosted by chef friends, this casual, family-friendly event promises a festive kick-off to summer. Come hang out, enjoy delicious food, and groove to the tunes of the Carroll Trio. Bring your friends & fam and yard games. Let's make memories while making a difference!
Included with your purchase
Rain or shine! We’ll offer food to go should the weather be less than ideal
This event is BYOB!
  • Elevated BBQ
    by chefs Sebastian White, Michael Ciapciak, & Chelsea Gerdeman
  • Beverage
    one alcoholic drink donated from our beverage sponsor
  • Live Music
  • Yard Games
    Bring your friends & fam and yard games!
with Julie Morelli and Chelsea Gerdeman
A note from Sebastian,
the founder, president and ED of The Evolved Network

Last year Laurell Sims, our board treasurer, secured an auction item for Eat and Evolved 2023 from Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits. I was definitely appreciative and had even dined at Bang Bang, but had not at that time met Michael and Julie. At the beginning of January 2024 a friend connected me with Michael and Julie via email and they graciously invited me in to meet with them. From the moment I stepped into their space, they treated me with utmost respect, sincerity, and kindness. They heard our story and immediately jumped at the opportunity to support our efforts. The collaboration dish we did this past April was definitely enough in terms of support, but from the beginning they wanted to do more to bring awareness and attention to our cause. That speaks to the kind of caring, supportive, and amazing people they are and that vibe translates into their staff. I’m honored by this opportunity to do something different and celebratory, while continuing to build community amongst people through the power of food. I hope this becomes something annual between us, but won’t put that pressure on them ;) as they have already done so much for us. I’m honored to know you both and so very grateful for you two and the Bang Bang Pie & Biscuit family.
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