nonprofit organization
Chicago, IL
nonprofit organization
Chicago, IL
The Broken Are The More Evolved.
Our Mission
The Evolved Network provides experiential programming through culinary and gardening equipping youth in systemically oppressed communities with transformative healing, skills and support needed to evolve into masters of their unique gifts.
Our Vision
The Evolved Network believes, with unconditional care through a holistic and therapeutic approach youth can experience foundational transformation through the creation of a farm to table dining experience. Creating opportunities to comfort the soul through their service to others.
Our Values
Creating sustainable experiences
of radical hospitality through the giving and receiving of nurturance, patience, togetherness, respect, stewardship, practical skills, depth of consideration, justice, commitment and hope.
The Evolved Network will be offering the following programs and services once we have secured a restaurant location that will be entitled Evolved Kitchen and Garden. Your support and participation will make this possible.
Gardening and Culinary training
Gwen’s Garden
Restaurant: Evolved Kitchen and Garden
Restaurant Service Training
Therapeutic Services: Individual and Group
Case Management
Employment and Financial literacy
WHW Business Management and Financial Literacy
Employment Opportunities for Youth participants (Ages 15-24)

Gwen’s Garden
  • Gain knowledge of produce: types, origin, usage, nutritional value, etc.;
  • Plant, tend, and care for a garden/farm;
  • Harvest and collect produce that will be used for service in the restaurant;
  • No waste approach: leftover produce will be donated to participants’ families and/or a food bank of choice
  • Ownership and responsibility through owning tasks in the garden/farm and working to maintain production
  • There will be opportunities for those who progress and demonstrate competency and desire, dedication, responsibility, and care in the program to be offered paid leadership positions to teach, tend to, and assign tasks for future participants in Gwen’s Garden.
  • Learn how to prepare dishes from the Evolved Kitchen and Garden menu
  • Assist with prep for restaurant service
  • Participate in skill development courses (i.e. knife skills, cooking techniques, plating, dish development)
  • Be able to use their creativity and present dishes that may be featured on the Evolved Kitchen and Garden menu
  • Be offered hiring opportunities to cook on the line at the restaurant once they have demonstrated competencies, responsibilities, dedication, and the required skill.
Restaurant service training
  • The Evolved Kitchen and Garden menu
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Silverware and plating placement
  • Knowledge about food allergens
  • Food tasting
  • Team building
  • Restaurant Service walkthroughs / simulations
  • Customer Service
WHW Business Management and Financial Literacy
  • Educational Opportunities: (Developmentally appropriate) → Financial Literacy, Accounting, Budgeting, Business Operations, and Stock Market Investing.
  • Stock market investment training: Employees will be required to invest an agreed or set percentage of money earned. This includes management and other positions receiving funds through the program. [Robinhood app or similar tool to monitor investments]
  • Individual Consultation for investment opportunities for Evolved Employees based on goals.
Therapy and Case Management
  • All participants will be required to undergo a confidential clinical interview.
  • May be offered recommended services, which can be accepted or denied by the participant.
  • All participants will be required to undergo a confidential case management consultation.
  • Case management will follow through on possible service needs.

*No discussion or biased representation of therapeutic or case management needs/services will be reflected in any other area of the program/restaurant.

"When children attend schools that place a greater value in discipline and security than on knowledge and intellectual development, they are attending prep schools for prisons."

Angela Davis