people behind The Evolved Network
people behind The Evolved Network

Founder, president,

and executive director

Sebastian White,

M.A. Clinical Psychology

Meet the talented group of people behind The Evolved Network
  • Gillian Barjon
  • Meg Wheaton
  • Sonjah Dessalines
  • Jodi Fyfe
  • Carolyn Kaiser
  • Karen Wilkes
  • Jordan Magenta
  • Emily Buxton
  • Laurell Sims
  • Diana Klimovich
  • Alexandra DeSorbo-Quinn
  • Peter Conway

  • Sarah Stegner
    Culinary Liaison/Advisor
  • Dr. Todd DuBose
    Therapeutic Consultant
  • Sarah Abao
    TEN Intern
    I chose the Evolved Network to discover methods and actions in helping underserved youth populations with foods. I liked the idea of expanding individuals’ knowledge and learning through sustainable solutions of the garden to table technique. Plus, I love experiencing diverse foods!
  • Brianna Ritchie
    TEN Intern
    Why TEN?
    What drew me to The Evolved Network is that it goes beyond traditional means of healing disenfranchised youth. The concept of the seed to table method establishes how everything is a process and with a bit of patience you can create something beautiful.
  • Emma Heston
    TEN Intern
    I chose to work with The Evolved Network because I was drawn to the holistic and therapeutic nature of what Sebastian and his team are doing for the youth in the Chicago area. I wanted to give back to the community and working with The Evolved Network gives me that opportunity in a unique and thoughtful way that is changing lives.
  • Beenish Khurshid
    TEN Intern
    I chose to work with TEN because I believe in its mission to help kids through food. As a mom of two myself. I understand the broad effects food can have on children.
  • Dafina Bajrami
    TEN Intern
    I chose to volunteer with The Evolved Network to learn more about the diverse populations in the south side of Chicago. TEN offers a unique holistic healing approach through culinary experiences that I have not seen before and it intrigued me to get involved. I hope to offer urban service as well as analyze the systems that impact the lives of people who work, live, and play in the city of Chicago. 
  • Gabriela Trinidad
    TEN Intern
    I wanted to join The Evolved Network volunteer community because I wanted to learn more about holistic and therapeutic healing through food. I also knew it helped elementary aged school kids get access to different experiences to help heal them through food and therapeutic practices. 
  • Grace DeFrino
    TEN Intern
    I chose to work with the Evolved Network because food has always been way to bring people together. Teaching children the therapeutic experience of cooking and eating together is a passion of mine, which I am able to pursue as a volunteer at TEN.
  • Charlotte Langill 
    TEN Intern
    I chose to intern with TEN because I loved the idea of holistic healing through food. I think that it is very important to not only acknowledge other peoples culture and lifestyle through food but teach them how food can fuel their bodies in different ways.
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