Whether in the kitchen, garden, or classroom, our programming follows a customizable curriculum to fit each organization’s needs.

It’s In The Details

Restaurant Development: Children in this group will get a glimpse into the step-by-step process of how to run a restaurant. Participants will come up with menus, give input on designs, and experience the positivity comes from everyone working together.
The Evolved League
Teamwork: Through this experience kids will come to understand the importance of teamwork, by building on the skill sets of supporting and working with others to achieve success. Participants will thus be able to see how supporting team efforts and one another can foster simultaneously foster aspects of their individual lives to thrive.
Dream It.. Then See It
Creativity: In this program, children will internalize and recognize that every person has something very special about them, and have the opportunity to let it shine through each activity. Each participant is encouraged to sharetheir creativity, and will witness the beauty that comes from those special moments.
Rep Your Hood
Community: Children in this program focus on the importance of being proud of the community you live in and take pride in that community. Participants delve into the rich history and culture that makes their community different from others. This experience enable our team members to learn from, honor, and join in community with our kids.
Money Trees
Sustainability: Participants will ponder, “Where does food come from?” The program will focus on understanding the cycle of food balance, and teach about decreasing waste in terms of ingredients and financially. The goal is to give our kids a better appreciation of all that our planet offers.
Nutrition: Children in the program with explore the idea that healthy ingredients aren’t always bad and junk foods aren’t always good. It is the ability to reach a balance between the two and being mindful of what goes into your body. Each participant will strive to understand how to feed their soul through nutrition, and how to let that wellness feed positivity into other aspects of their lives.
Real Talk
Communication: Kids in this group will learn the critical importance of having good communication skills. They will work on being able to take a step back, collect their thoughts, explain their feelings, and see how practicing these skills decreases misunderstandings. Through different team building activities in a restaurant setting, participants will strengthen their communication skills, and hopefully will use them in all aspects of their lives.
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