..in Memory of William White, Jr. and Gwendolyn Barjon

In honor of the legacies and lives of William White, Jr. and Gwendolyn Barjon, and with deep concern for the suffering and hope of impoverished, at-risk youth, The Evolved Network was created to honor the transformative power of brokenness into redemptive hospitality for both those offering it and for those receiving it.

Knowing that the strongest tissue is healed scar tissue, and that the broken are the evolved, we believe that youthful lives left with the scratch of a shattered existence can start from such scratch and create culinary masterpieces of their ways of being in the world through the farm to table event, such that they come to see themselves as unique gifts offering unique gifts to others. This process is life-changing for all persons involved, whether through learning the pragmatics of the culinary arts, hospitality and financial skills, or in coming to understand and embrace oneself with dignity, compassion and inspiration in the meaning and fulfillment of the culinary experience.

April 22, 2020 and May 19, 2020, will forever be meaningful and painful for me. I lost my aunt Gwen first, who was like a second mother and I mean that literally because she was. A month later I lost my father… my rock, my best friend, my hero. I couldn’t resolve them being gone so I created The Evolved Network. An incorporation of our passions, our unconditional care, and their lifelong support of so many different lives. When I look in the mirror, I seek to see them and I believe The Evolved Network makes that possible. I believe The Evolved Network continues their legacies…it honors them…it keeps their genius here. We will pass it on and change lives. I love you Gwennie! I love you Old Man. Your names will never die.
Sebastian White, founder, president and executive director of The Evolved Network