Tigist Reda
Tigist Reda, Executive Chef and Owner/Operator of Demera Ethiopian Restaurant in Uptown, was born and raised in Ethiopia in a city where her family has lived for generations. As a young adult, Tigist immigrated to the United States, Chicago, where she has lived for the past twenty-one years.
In 2007 she decided to take her passion for entertaining guests and for sharing her culture and turn it into a career in hopes of providing a better life for herself and her family. Several months later, Tigist and her former husband, Girmai, opened Demera Ethiopian Restaurant and began serving authentic Ethiopian cuisine to the eager Chicago public. Since then, Demera has gone on to receive many accolades from guests and critics alike including having been Michelin Guide Recommended since 2009.
Tigist credits her skills in the kitchen to the knowledge and experience she gained as a young child while working alongside the elder women in her family and helping them to prepare family meals and banquets. As a mother herself, it is Tigist’s dream that her son will grow up in a world where all people are celebrated for their uniqueness and abilities.
Events with Chef Tigist