When first meeting his students within The Evolved Network programming Sebastian always starts with an ice breaker called 140 characters, where students are asked to describe themselves in at most 140 characters. Sebastian wroteFather, partner, physician of soul. Nothing human is alien to me…Detailed, food is love. Build the future”.
Sebastian is a trained psychotherapist, who was working with youth who were gang-involved, labeled at-risk, and many others who were simply struggling with the complexities of life before being hit and devastated by the unexpected deaths of both his aunt and father. In their honor, he founded The Evolved Network and established Evolved Kitchen and Garden. Sebastian incorporated the passions of his lost loved ones and himself into an opportunity to provide a holistic healing space for youth using what connected them all.

From sitting on the counter watching his mother cook dinner every night. To wondering how to make eggs green after reading Dr. Seuss’s "Green Eggs and Ham", Sebastian always held a passion for cooking. He observed, learned, expanded, had side jobs in restaurants, and watched a lot of Food Network. In the process he honed in on his skills and found belief in this never ending journey of quality food. Sebastian found the culinary process therapeutic and peaceful. He found nurturing and caring for the produce his family grew therapeutic. He believes the lessons of the culinary arts, of gardening, of being financially responsible tie into the reality of life. Sebastian seeks to share this passion and its quality with others and in the process support his ability to provide the same opportunity, love, care, and support for the youth that enter The Evolved Network’s Programs.