July 2021

Dear supporter,

As the founder, president, and executive director of The Evolved Network, NFP and on behalf of our talented board of directors, we again would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for your trust and support of our start up not-for-profit organization. Your support of our mission demonstrates your care for the legacies of William White Jr and Gwendolyn Barjon (who’s life we finally got to celebrate on June 26, 2021) and reflects your understanding of the talent and love they uniquely and individually shared. More importantly, how their qualities can impact youth and change lives.  As promised, I want to keep each of you updated with our continued progress.


Big news

Our partnership with University of Chicago Booth School of Business: Booth Social Impact Consulting program (BSI) partnership concluded on June 18th. Our BSI team was able to create a detailed 3-year financial plan and part IX of our 1023 application (used to apply for federal tax exemption status).

They also created a list of potential donors and donor profiles for us to consider from major local businesses and those connected with the University of Chicago.  Now that they have completed Part IX of our 1023 application we will be submitting our application for federal tax exemption status (501c3) within the next week. We will re-apply to enter the BSI program this fall for further support and networking with funders.
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Summer programs 

Growing Home a local not-for-profit who has become a close partner with The Evolved Network, NFP has invited us to participate in a culinary workshop on August 19, 2021 for youth and their families. Sebastian will be involved in planning and leading this workshop.

Growing Home has also offered TEN opportunities to collaborate in other summer events which will be announced at a later time.  The funds to support these events were granted by the city of Chicago.

Fall programs 

Over the past couple of months The Evolved Network, NFP has prioritized focusing on finding sites to provide our programs that are being developed for this fall. Based on these conversations and the connections established, The Evolved Network, NFP has 6 potential locations to offer our programming and curriculums this upcoming fall.

Those include: Herban Produce, Food Matters, Growing Home, Englewood Community Kitchens at the Primo Center, Grow Greater Englewood, and St. Sabina (The Stein Learning Gardners).
We will be working to finalize those arrangements over the next two months, by presenting our programs and curriculums to each organization based on what we can provide at each site. We expect to be present at multiple locations offering our therapeutic and educational gardening and culinary programs this fall!


The Evolved Network, NFP continues to maintain a strong relationship with DePaul University and the Steans Center. The Evolved Network, NFP partnered with a Community Service course this past quarter and we developed 5 projects that 17 of DePaul’s students participated in as part of this course. 

These projects were designed to provide an exploration of the soul of community and how we can better serve the youth that will be a part of our programming. 
Each team of students presented and wrote detailed research papers on their project. The Evolved Network, NFP is truly grateful for the quality of their work and how their work will impact us in the different areas of our organization.
 We currently have 5 interns from DePaul’s Nursing Program. These students have been working with Sebastian and Meghan (directors) on creating programming and curriculums. These interns will be onsite with us offering our creations this fall. 


The Evolved Network, NFP successfully completed their live virtual culinary class series with a local not-for-profit The Gardeneers and their partner The After School Matters Program. Sebastian, representing The Evolved Network, NFP was invited back to offer another series of culinary classes for the summer and fall 2021.

Sebastian was also recently asked to represent The Evolved Network as the co-lead of food and beverage for The Gardeneers Gala in the Garden event on August 26th, 27th, and 28th. Sebastian will be co-leading food and beverage with Rachel Richardson representing VU rooftop. 
The Evolved Network, NFP remains official members of two coalitions in the Chicago area: North West Food Partners and Growing Home University. Sebastian represents The Evolved Network, NFP on the Growing Home University Leadership Council Education Committee and their latest project “Seed to Kitchen to You” Video Series.


We continue to participate in the above project by creating videos that celebrate a particular ingredient grown from their gardens that offer healthy instructional recipes for those who watch: Check out our videos: Kale, Spinach, Turnip Greens, Radish.


The Evolved Network would also like to thank Advocates for Urban Agriculture and Bea Fry for marketing our newsletter in their upcoming newsletter to be released July 9th.


News and events

The Evolved Network, NFP has begun planning our co-sponsored event with The Chopping Block. Sebastian is working with their officials on planning this event. As currently structured the event will have opportunity for both in person and virtual attendance. This co-sponsored event is scheduled to happen sometime this fall. Directors, Sebastian White and Dr. Todd DuBose will be presenting and/or cooking during this event. Stay tuned for this date!

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The Evolved Network, NFP has also made a close relationship with local restaurant UVAE Kitchen and Wine Bar in Andersonville here in Chicago. The Chef and Owner, Lindsey Anderson, has offered us an opportunity for a fundraising event at UVAE and has opened her kitchen and dining space for us to host a dinner event for TEN supporters and those interested in our mission and food.

Sebastian will be creating a menu and will be leading the charge on this venture. This dinner event is scheduled to happen sometime this fall. Please stay tuned and support Lindsey at UVAE!  She genuinely cares about impacting the Chicago community and supporting young minds.
Sebastian participated in a community check-in interview and as well as a culinary demonstration with The Greater than Zero Percent podcast that was released on June 24, 2021. We hope that you check it out!  We appreciate your support and what you do for the Chicago community! 

How you can help 

To support us further please look out for our virtual culinary classes, auctions, competitions, and culinary events including a co-sponsored event with The Chopping Block and Uvae restaurant. Other opportunities to support us including donation can be found on our website. Please follow us on social media, spread the word, and subscribe to our newsletter. ????

Get Involved!

These conclude our current updates and we continue to be grateful for your contributions, care, and support. If you have any referrals, associates, or ideas that may enhance our mission and vision please feel free to reach out to Sebastian. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Sebastian White, Founder and President