March 2021

Dear supporter,

As the founder, president, and executive director of The Evolved Network, NFP and on behalf of our talented board of directors, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for your trust and support of our developing nonprofit organization. Your donation demonstrates your belief in our mission and continuing to care for the legacies of William White Jr and Gwendolyn Barjon. As promised, I want to keep each of you updated with our progress.

As of February 8, 2021 The Evolved Network, NFP was officially incorporated in the state of Illinois as a nonprofit organization. 

Next steps

Our next major endeavor will be achieving federal tax exemption status which we are already in the process of preparing for, particularly given our new partnership with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

For those that are not aware the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is the number 1 ranked business school in the country and they will be assisting us in creating a three-year financial plan and a comprehensive business plan to prepare for the 501c(3) application and to lay the financial foundation to attract more funding and begin the full operation of our organization. This partnership was a major step for us in our start up process and we are so fortunate to have their reputation and association as apart of us. It is also important to us that you know that your donations have been crucial in this process and continue to provide us, financially, the ability to press forward with the full establishment of our organization and our programs.
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Over the past few months The Evolved Network, NFP has developed a strong relationship with DePaul University here in Chicago. We will be partnering with DePaul University’s nursing program and a few of their Community Service courses, which will produce as many as 30 interns who will be assisting with our development in our planning programmatically and operationally.

Our hope for each intern is an exploration of the soul of community and the oppressive nature of essentialist ideals about how a community should exist and the healing nature of how one cares.


The Evolved Network, NFP are now official members of two coalitions in the Chicago area: North West Food Partners and Growing Home University. Sebastian represents The Evolved Network, NFP on the Growing Home University Leadership Council Education Committee and their latest project “Seed to Kitchen to You” Video Series.

We participate in the above project by creating videos that celebrate a particular ingredient grown from their gardens that offer healthy instructional recipes for those who watch. Spinach and Kale are already out! Next -  Turnip greens ???? Videos can be found on Growing Home’s social media and ours as well. 


The Evolved Network continues to work with another local nonprofit the Gardeneers and will be providing live virtual culinary classes within their partnership with the After School Matters Program.


The Evolved Network, NFP is continuing to monitor the situation with St. Sabina Church, but will maintain their relationship with the Stein Learning Gardens and their program as they decide whether or not to keep their programming apart of the archdiocese and St. Sabina Church. Within this collaborative opportunity The Evolved Network, NFP will be involved in funding a kitchen build out to provide culinary training to youth, pilot our programs, and provide communal dining spaces within the Auburn Gresham neighborhood as associated with The Stein Learning Gardens.

Past events

Our founder Sebastian was humbled and honored to have led a virtual dinner experience with Trinity College P.R.I.D.E. Program (Promoting Respect for Inclusive Diversity in Education) during which students learnt how to a make a three course dinner for their families and connected via therapeutic power of cooking.

Irwin W. Stean's Center Online Community Engagement Live Series - Mental Health: Micro and Macro Impact of COVID-19

Our founder and president Sebastian White was honored to co-faciilitate this event with DePaul University's Stean's Center. Please check out. We hope our conversation is meaningful and offers some sense of healing during this time!

How you can help 

To support us further please look out for our virtual culinary classes, auctions, competitions, and culinary events including a co-sponsored event with The Chopping Block. Other opportunities to support us including donation can be found on our website. Please follow us on social media, spread the word, and subscribe to our newsletter. ????


These conclude our current updates and we continue to be grateful for your contributions, care, and support. If you have any referrals, associates, or ideas that may enhance our mission and vision please feel free to reach out to Sebastian. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Sebastian White, Founder and President