March 14, 2023

at eden

brought to you by Chef Devon Quinn & Sebastian White


white chocolate, macadamia, hyssop
by Chef Devon Quinn

yukon gold potato, fennel, spring alliums, white wine
by Sebastian White


sunflower, browned butter, parmesan, truffle honey

by Chef Devon Quinn

nichol’s farm carrots, chickpeas, yogurt
by Sebastian White

caramelized white chocolate, citrus, fermented lime
by Chef Devon Quinn & Sebastian White
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About the Chefs
Chef Devon Quinn
After earning his degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu, Devon went on to cultivate his culinary proficiency by working alongside a range of world-renowned chefs including Jean-Michel Diot at La Bastide Tapenade in San Diego where he learned basic French technique, Dale Levitski of the former Trio Atelier where he developed his passion for modern American cuisine and Andrew Zimmerman of Del Toro where he discovered his love for Spanish flavor.
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Chef Sebastian White
Sebastian is a trained psychotherapist, who was working with youth who were gang-involved, labeled at-risk, and many others who were simply struggling with the complexities of life before being hit and devastated by the unexpected deaths of both his aunt (Gwen Barjon) and father (William White Jr). In their honor, he founded The Evolved Network, NFP and established Evolved Kitchen and Garden, LLC. Sebastian seeks to inspire through food and use its lessons to heal.
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A note from Sebastian,
the founder, president and ED of The Evolved Network
The Paramount Group, Paramount events, and their beautiful restaurant eden have quickly become very important to us, primarily because of the people behind it. Chef Devon Quinn is incredible, and I truly don’t believe he gets the credit he deserves because everything about his food is outstanding. His passion and the time he invests in pursuit of perfection from the second he plants a seed in his greenhouse to how that ingredient ends up on one of his plates is truthfully mind blowing. What he represents in this process in many ways is everything The Evolved Network seeks to show our students. His partner in crime, CEO of The Paramount Group and badass Jodi Fyfe brings the same passion, intensity, and pursuit of perfection. She’s simply a boss and nothing else really needs to be said. As a team they’ve made it their mission to let their success support and translate in the success of others like The Evolved Network. Their representation of sustainability and nutrition holistically are essential elements to what The Evolved Network is trying to show our kids. I am honored to be able to collaborate and share a menu with Chef Devon. When we were developing our menu together his passion was simply pouring out over the phone it was a beautiful thing to be a part of. Jodi is now a member of The Evolved Network’s board of directors, and we are so fortunate to have her as apart of our team. We got a lot better when she said yes to joining us. We are proud to stand alongside TPG and are so fortunate that they have our back as we pursue our potential in impacting and bringing hope to as many kids in the Chicagoland area as we can.
Special Thank You

to Chef Devon Quinn, Jodie Fyfe, Dave Abrahamsen, and eden's staff

The Evolved Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes to the fullest extent allowed by law.