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"April 22, 2020 and May 19, 2020, will forever be meaningful and painful for me. I lost my aunt Gwen first, who was like a second mother and I mean that literally because she was. A month later I lost my father… my rock, my best friend, my hero. I couldn’t resolve them being gone so I created The EvolvedNetwork. An incorporation of our passions, our unconditional care, and their lifelong support of so many different lives. When I look in the mirror, I seek to see them and I believe The Evolved Network makes that possible. I believe The Evolved Network continues their legacies…it honors them…it keeps their genius here. We will pass it on and change lives. I love you Gwennie! I love you Old Man. Your names will never die."

Sebastian White,

founder, president and executive director of The Evolved Network